DV Production Masterclass

This two day course is designed to give participants a full experience of DV-based production, starting with simple script production right through to post-production and producing a master tape - all within two days.

The range of topics is broad - as set out below:

The idea for this course is that many people learn one or two parts of the production cycle but very few people get an introduction to the whole deal. Within the space of two days, a class of students goes through the entire production process, from script selection to post production sound, including a full edit with titles and music. At the end of the course, students take away a copy of their 1 minute film, produced in collaboration with the class.

The trainer is a person with solid experience in the whole production process. This course is very much hands-on and guided by the trainer. At each stage, while the issues and solutions are offered by the trainer, the class makes creative decisions collectively.

During the post-production day, students work in pairs on their own editing system and complete their film, guided by the trainer. This day covers the whole post-production process and covers some of the issues that that can come up after the film is 'in the can'.

The script that the students work on is approximately 1 minute long and includes one interior scene, (set in a location much like the training centre) and one exterior scene. This way, issues connected with correcting colour and dealing with different sound environments can be properly discussed and demonstrated.

The Choice of Editing platform for the second day of this course will depend on demand from attendees. In all likelihood it will be using Avid, since this is the most popular platform for broadcast production companies. However, Adobe Premiere is also an option.

The structure of the course loosely follows the normal stages of production, albeit in a much abbreviated form in order to cover all the topics.

Day 1

Day 2