Our Approach to Training

We believe that as long as a student is interested to learn, the right teacher can teach them. All experienced trainers operate by first assessing the level of background experience and knowledge you already have and from then on will target their teaching appropriately.

We aim to ensure that students come away from our training sessions feeling not-only confident about the information they have received but also feeling excited about the new freedom they have to use their new understanding in practical and creative ways.

All of our training is guided by the professional experience of the trainer and is based on real-world applications. Rather than simply working our way through menu systems and control switches, we learn parts of the system as we would need them while we work. It's the closest thing to on-the-job training and feedback is excellent.

About Us

123 Training started in December 2003 as an endeavour to produce training of the highest quality to be provided for the whole of the UK. We offer a range of courses, along with tailored training and corporate production.

123 Training founder, Maxim Jago, first worked as a trainer for 3COM, teaching technical support staff how to maintain their cool while problem-solving, then went on to work as a media and Avid trainer. He now works as a media practitioner and trainer based South of Manchester in Buxton.

Although we run regular courses at locations around the country, a significant amount of our work involves providing bespoke courses in-house, either for schools, colleges or larger business, or for smaller outfits with a specific agenda for the training they need.

As much as possible, we encourage our trainers to be actively engaged in media production as we believe this makes our training contextual and 'live', based on personal experience and real-world working practises. Very often, it takes first-hand experience to know which path to take through a piece of software - regular manuals can't compete with learning-by-doing.